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English courses

In the following links you will find information about language courses offered in English.

PLEASE NOTE: Your placement test result is only used to place you in the correct course level. It is NOT proof of language proficiency in a certain level. The language proficiency is recognized after having successfully completed a language course.

English: General Courses


Organisation and information

University of Munich Language Center
Schellingstr. 3, Front building, 4th floor, room 420
80799 Munich
Tel. +49 (0) 89 / 2180-2143

Admittance to English language courses

LMU students studying all disciplines EXCEPT students of English Studies and American Studies.

Placement and course content

English courses begin at intermediate (B1) level. There are four levels including: intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced (C1) and proficiency (C2). See Overview of English course content (German website) for more information on the different course levels.


Course information: deadlines and registration

Course information can be found and registration can be done using the University catalog (LSF). Registration for courses can ONLY be done using this link and during the registration time. PLEASE NOTE: the current information on the Registration (LSF).

Please keep in mind that if you register during the registration time, it does not matter when you register for your course and it has no influence on whether or not you will receive a course place.

Mandatory placement test BEFORE course registration

The placement test is a face-to-face test which usually takes place on the Thursday before the start of each semester and the Monday after the end of the semester (please see the German site for exact dates and location). The test is a computer assisted test which tests your level of English in terms of vocabulary, grammar and listening, it takes about 40 minutes. Please come to the test with your student ID and photo ID, you will be given instructions at the door about how to access the test.

Please note: There is no alternative date to the ones published on our website, if you do not take the test on the date given, you will not get an English course place.

When you register on LSF, only register for the level you have achieved i.e. if you got B2 in the placement test, you must register for a B2 course and not for the next level.

It is in your interest to take a course which is appropriate for your level. If your teacher thinks that your English level is either too low or too high for a course, you will be asked to change level but only if there is a place free in another course which is often not the case.

For top

How long is your course result valid in our system?

After having successfully completed an English course, the received grade will be valid for TWO semesters. In addition, those students will have entitlement to a course place in the following semester.


Proof of registration

If you would like to receive proof of your registration (in case we have a system failure), please follow the following steps:

  • After having registered on the LSF, go to your LSF schedule (LSF --> Meine Funktionen --> Stundenplan)
  • Click on “Belegdaten (PDF). This document will show all of the courses that you have registered for and their status.
  • Download this document. This will provide proof that you have registered for the language course.

Notification of course placement

You will receive a notification e-mail (to your Campus e-mail), whether or not you have received a place in your chosen course. You will also find the status of your registered course on your LSF schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: due to high demand, we cannot guarantee a course place for all students.