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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Language courses offered

Enrollment and course registration

Course work

Language courses offered

Are there English courses for beginners?
No beginners courses will be offered.

Does the Language Center offer German courses?
No. You will find German courses on the international office website.

Can I take the TOEFL at the Language Center?
No. For more information about the TOEFL and other proof of language competence exams for English, go to the German website of the Language Center

Does the Language Center offer preparatory courses for the TOEFL?
No. However, you can improve your English language competence by taking an English

Enrollment and course registration

Who is allowed to take language courses at the Language Center?
Only currently enrolled students of the LMU. For more information please see the Participation Requirements.

How can I register for a language course?
Under each offered language you can find how to register for the courses. The most common way to register for any language course is through LSF (language courses in the university catalog).

Do I have to pay for the language courses at the Language Center?
No. Exception: You only have to pay for the beginners courses Französisch / French A1.1, Italienisch / Italian A1.1 and Spanisch A1.1 / Spanish A1.1.

However, you might have to buy a course book.

Who manages the language courses?
The language courses are managed by either the Language Center or other faculties at the LMU.

Course work

When do language courses start?
Usually language courses begin in the second week of the semester. However, for exceptions please always check the LSF for more current information.

Where do language courses take place?
See the information in LSF for the course place and course mode. Most courses take place face-to-face, a small number of language courses are taught via zoom.

Where can I check for the most current information?
Usually you can find the most current information concerning your course on LSF.

Do I have to register for the exam?
Yes, information can be found under Language course exam and result.

Where and when do I find out my course result and my certificate? How many ECTS points will I get?
This information can be found under Language course exam and result.